The Duckling and the Duchess

24 Apr
The Duckling and the Duchess

Cygnet's dreams

*SWOOOSH*……was the sound of the cloud of blue sparkles that dropped the little Duckling on the ground.

“Where did you go?” the Duckling asked looking around trying to find the fairy, but she was nowhere to be seen. The land the fairy left the duckling in was very cold, so cold even that icicles started to gather on it’s beak. “I don’t like it here..I should have just stayed in my comfortable little pond.” the Duckling thought as it shivered from sudden merciless gusts of ice cold air.

“Oh you are so adorable!” a gentle voice said seemingly appearing from nowhere, and before the Duckling could figure out what was going on, it was lifted into the arms of a young woman. “Let us find you something to warm you up..” and with that she carried the duckling off to her nearby mansion…..(to be continued)

The Fantasy fair is finally…

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