The realm of Aurora

25 Apr
The realm of Aurora


When the duchess carried the duckling into her mansion, it couldn’t believe it’s eyes…everything was made out of ice and metal…it all sparkled. “There you go little one, you stay right here..I will be right back.” the duchess said leaving the duckling on a table near the entrance,while darting off into a nearby room. “You might want to come with me” a soft voice spoke from behind the duckling, it was the Fairy, but she looked so different…her skin was golden, and all of her clothing too.”Hey! Get away from my dinner!” the duchess suddenly shouted as she returned into the room, carrying a knife and a big pot. “I kind of forgot to mention that food is scarce in this realm, and people will jump at any opportunity to eat anything potentially yummier than their usual snow and ice diet.” the Fairy said and with a swoooooosh of air and a flash of purple sparkles, the fairy and the duckling vanished, reappearing a few moments later in a cave under the mansion. “I am sorry, I should have warned you.” the Fairy said and plucked out something from the little satchel at her belt. “Here, I managed to snatch it from the duchess before we left.” and with that she tucked a little ornate comb behind the ducklings til feathers, it sparkled so lovely as the duckling turned around to see it. “Now, let us go to a realm populated with friendlier people!” the fairy said and again in a flash of purple sparkles they were gone…..(to be continued)



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