The realm of Ichi-go Ichi-e

25 Apr


It was all so pink and sparkly….and fact it was so pink that as the duckling blinked a few times to clear it’s eyes it all remained-pink. “Help…Help!” it cried in  fear starting to flap it’s little wings and run in circles.”It is the sakura tree…it seems to have taken a liking on you.” the soft voice of the fairy spoke, and she leaned in closer to the duckling pulling off the big blossom that was covering it’s eyes. “The magic in this realm makes the blossoms grow big and bright..” she explained snapping her fingers and in a tiny flash of sparks magically re sized the blossom so it would fit right on the duckling’s head.


“In fact, this gives me an idea!” she very enthusiastically exclaimed, and with some more snaps of her fingers, a gust of wind was called up, soon turning into a tiny localized tornado that spun the cygnet in the spot, not even giving her time to say anything in protest, it spun her until her shape started to transform, and in a few moments she was standing in front of the fairy in a human form…or rather mostly human form. “W..what have you done?” she asked spinning around, not quite sure how to react to what just happened..a day ago she was just a little duckling swimming in a pond and now..she had legs,and hair and..horns?” her brows lifted as she felt the sharp ridges of the tiny horns on her forehead. “Relax child, it is just a temporary spell, I wanted you to enjoy the realm in a different way..” the fairy smiled and snapped her fingers again to transform her self quite elegantly into a similar creature, with pale skin and brightly colored hair.”Demons that mostly inhabit this realm are kind peaceful sort, that is until you try to mess with their flowers..Now come, I want to show you a few lovely sights here before I take you to our next destination.” the fairy said, putting a peculiar bubble blowing pipe in her mouth, grabbing the duckling by the hand, and started to walk off with her…..(to be continued)


Leetah is wearing:

  • Skin: [The Plastik.] :[P]:- Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Dvore Fantasy Fair Sylvan of Spells Sponsored by Merchants of Dreams
  • Make-up: Izzie’s – Romy Dark Metallic Eyeshadow berry
  • Hair: Analog Dog AD – petula – LIGHT REDS, hair base tangelo Fantasy Fair Tangleshimmer Grove Sponsored by The Roawenwood
  • Eyes: {S0NG} :: Chibi~ Honey
  • Head Fan: !dM Amidala – LilyFans w/ HairSticks **DRAGON**
  • Hair Flowers: NAMINOKE *N*SHIDARE SAKURA Fantasy Fair Spires of Andolys Sponsored by Dwarfins
  • Tiara: .PoshTale. Sylmae Tiara Fantasy Fair Ichi-go Ichi-e Sponsored by The Looking Glass
  • Pipe: NAMINOKE *N*AQUARIUM PIPE KINGYO Fantasy Fair Spires of Andolys Sponsored by Dwarfins
  • Kimono: Anachron – Women’s Kimono Fantasy Fair YoZakura Sponsored by Fuubutsu Dou
  • Sandals: C L A Vv. Sacred Geta Wood Female RARE.

Ann is wearing:

  • Skin:-Glam Affair – Elvi – Fairy 06 A
  • Hair:Analog Dog – petula – LIGHT BLONDES (Fantasy Fair 2015 Tangleshimmer sim)
  • Body:Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3
  • Ears: Eclectica gargoyle ear-flesh tones-left (Fantasy Fair 2015)
  • Horns: {Kii~ pinku} horns .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.(Fantasy Fair 2015 Spires of Andolys sim)
  • Dress: !dM Sakura – ShibariDress **PINK SAKURA**
  • Headpieces:!dM Amidala – SatinFan w/ pearlStrings **SAKURA DRAGON** and !dM Amidala – HairSticks **PINK SAKURA**
  • Shoes:[CerberusXing] Sexy Massacre (Rusty)
  • Armlets & finger ornaments: Aisling Sadhana gacha
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