The realm of Odyssey

29 Apr

The Duckling enjoyed her time at the Ichigo realm the Fairy showed her the prettiest spot for tea parties she knew, they tried almost every flavor of pixie tea and stuffed their faces with pink demonic cupcakes.Then as the sun was coming to a slow descent, she would shake her head as the Cygnet had her face covered with pink cupcake frosting.”Come come now, you don’t want to remain here forever do you, there is so much more I want to show you!” and without even giving the Cygnet an opportunity to reply she flicked her writs and in a cloud of pink sparkles they poofed into thin air…

Into the ocean

The duckling had to blink a few times, she was back in her natural form, but what was this place they appeared in? Everything around her seemed to be covered with a light blue fog, and every gentle gust of wind brought the salty scent of the sea to her. “Can you see it…the sea, it surrounds us, it is everywhere…” a voice almost like an echo resonated through the empty street. Behind a marble pillar a shape appeared, tall and unfamiliar at first, then as the figure came closer she focused through the mist into a female form, human yet with shiny blue scales covering parts of her skin, and coral woven into her hair. “It has been a long time…sister.” the young woman said looking up to the fairy that stood behind the duckling. The somber and expressionless face the woman wore would in a blink of an eye turn into the brightest smile that could call upon the sun to clear out the fog that descended on the lands.”I missed you so much! Come, I want to show you the coral reefs, they are in full bloom this time of year!” the young woman said and motioned her hand towards the two indicating they should follow, heading towards the ocean. “We aren’t actually blood related, but we are very close..and her name is Launa, one of Poseidon’s nieces.” the fairy explained as she lifted the Duckling into her arms as if she could predict the questions that went around Cygnet’s mind. A single spark of pink was directed at the Cygnet who now appeared to have a perfectly fitting snorkel upon it’s beak.”Hurry! The moon is almost at it’s highest, that is when the magic happens!” Launa called at them, already in the water.


What happened next the Cygnet could never imagine..she was pulled into the magical underwater realm of the mermaids, where everything was dark and mysterious…until suddenly to a precise movement of the moon everything around them started to glow…every bit of rock, every coral seemed to be covered with colorful aquatic plants in every glowing color that could be imagined. Everything was alive. *blub blub blub* came out of the cygnet’s beak because unlike the present magical company, she couldn’t talk underwater…although the Fairy somehow did manage to understand her. “Yes,it is lovely, but we mustn’t stay here for too long, or we will never be able to leave.” she whispered back. (to be continued…)



Leetah is wearing:

Ann is wearing:

  • Skin:Lara Hurley-Fae gloss /Rose Pale
  • Eyes.IKON Hope Eyes – Denim (M)
  • Scales :[Even Tide]: FF Dragon Scales – Light (Fantasy Fair 2015  Valacia sim)
  • Hair (human look): [Entwined] Electra
  • Hair (mermaid look): MINA Hair – Roosje (materials)
  • Horns: Zyn ~ Sea Kelp Horns – Teal (Fantasy Fair 2015 Ichi-go Ichi-e sim)
  • Dress::Valentina.e. Siren Gown Seaweed
  • Sandals:Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals – Silver
  • Necklace:Zyn ~Mystic Jellyfish Necklace – Green (Fantasy Fair 2015 Ichi-go Ichi-e sim)
  • Chestpiece and pasties: !dM MataHari – ChestLace w/ ChainsEpaulettes **GOLD**
  • Headpiece: !dM MataHari – Feather HeadDress **TRIBAL**
  • Belt:.Enfant Terrible. Magic Ride Belt Silver RARE
  • Mermaid tail: !dM Erielle – mermaidTail **TURQUOISE SEA**

Poses by: Eternal Dream poses (Fantasy Fair 2015 Poppetsborough sim) Adina pose pack

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